Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Berry's 124gr HP
I've been using Precision Delta 124gr JHP bullets now for about 6 months in my S&W M&P Pro. But last month after ordering 5 thousand more I got a call from PD that their "machine" broke down and my order would have to be back ordered for a month or so. I've also used Hornady 125gr HAP bullets. They perform about the say as the PDs, with maybe a little more accuracy. But the HAPs are expensive, almost twice as much as the PDs. I use them sparingly, mostly at matches.

So I tried some of Berry's plated bullets. I got a couple thousand 124gr hollow points.  I've now run about 1500 through the pistol and have had no issues whatsoever.  In fact, they may be a little more accurate than the PDs or the HAPs.  I'm getting good results with 3.8gr of Titegroup with an OAL of 1.100–096.

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