Thursday, March 8, 2012


I have a little extra disposable income from lecture honorariums.  But I'm conflicted about how to spend it.  I've already ruled out buying a new gen3 iPad.  My gen1 works just fine and I don't really need the eye candy offered by the newest iPad.  So that leaves me with some gun options.

Option #1.  Buy a new Smith & Wesson M&P Pro 9mm.  This would be a back-up to the one I already have.  I've got a lot of rounds through my M&P and I'm afraid it's going to need some work soon.  I can imagine it breaking down at a major match and me not having a back up.  If I pull the trigger on this option, then I will be committing myself to shooting my M&P 9mm regularly, both in IDPA and USPSA.  The advantages to this are: 1) I've already got the equipment for this pistol; 2) it's a 9mm so I don't have to buy new dyes for my reloader; 3) 9mm rounds are less expensive; 4) I've spent a lot of time practicing and competing with this gun already; 5) the only extras I would have to buy are: a Dawson Precision FO front sight, a DP FO rear sight, and a Apex Tactical AEC trigger kit (all of these to match precisely what my current M&P); and 6) I can easily add a magwell and special basepads to shoot this gun in ESP division in IDPA.  This is a really attractive option to me.  I can just work on getting really, really good with this gun.  I'd be shooting Production in USPSA and in IDPA I could shoot SSP and ESP.  I like the idea of sticking with one pistol for a few years and perfecting my game with it.

M&P Pro .40 cal
Option #2.  Buy a new Smith & Wesson M&P Pro .40 cal.  This would give me the same grip and feel as my M&P 9mm.  I could move from the 9mm to the .40 cal easily and back again without having to make hardly any adjustments.  It's the same gun with a different caliber.  I could shoot this gun in IDPA SSP and ESP (with some enhancements).  But there really wouldn't be any advantage to shooting a .40 cal over a 9mm M&P in either IDPA division.  I could do it, but shooting a 9mm would be better.  The one way in which it might be better is if I used the gun to shoot both IDPA and USPSA. I could shoot the M&P .40 in USPSA Limited and in Production (using minor powerfactor rounds).  So the M&P .40 would give me more flexibility in both sports.  So if I got this, I would probably be transitioning to using it more than my 9mm. By the way, the .40 cal and the 9mm M&P Pro are the same price.

Option #3.  Buy more bullets, brass, primers, and powder.  I'll do this anyway!

I guess I really need to decide what my goals are this year.  Do I want to do a lot of USPSA shooting (in Limited Division)?  Or do I want to do a lot of IDPA shooting with my 9mm – in both SSP and ESP – with some USPSA Production shooting?  It appears like the main thing that commends the .40 cal to me is doing more USPSA Limted shooting.  But I'm not sure how interested I am in that.  Is it worthy buying new reloading dyes, different bullets, etc?  I don't know.

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