Thursday, March 1, 2012

On Tinkering

No one ever tells you when you start competitive shooting that it helps if you are a tinkerer.  You think you can buy a pistol, a holster, some ammo, and start working on your shooting skills.  But no.  Turns out that you have to tinker with your gun.  Tinker with your magazines.  Tinker with your ammunition.  Tinker with your mag pouches.  You even have to tinker with your clothes.  The tactical pants I got have these large pockets in the front and sides, but they have a little velcro patch in the middle to keep the pocket closed.  Well, because of that little velcro thingee I can't pocket a magazine quickly.  With one brand of pants I could take a knife to the stitching and remove the patch so that the pocket remained open. But with the other pair I couldn't do that. The stitching was way too tight and I was afraid I'd cut a hole in the pants.  So I had to take a lighter to the plastic side of the velcro, the side that has all those little hooks.  I just melted them down so they wouldn't catch.  That's just one of a hundred other things that have to be tinkered with in order to work well for competition.  More on this later.  Just be prepared to do a lot of jerry-rigging if you want to have equipment that works well in competition.

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