Saturday, March 17, 2012

Two Lessons

Two lessons learned or reinforced from the Steel Plates Match today at ARPC (March 17, 2012).  First, if you don't clean your gun before the match, that's okay.  But make sure you at least check the front fiber optic sight to insure that it's not black from your previous outing.  I got up to the line on my first stage and couldn't hardly see my normally nice-and-bright red FO front sight.  Not good.  I had to get off the line and clean it quickly.  Problem was: I cleaned it "dry" with a towel and knocked it loose.  I had no problems with it until a few stages later when the FO filament fell out in the middle of shooting a stage.  Turns out that that stage was a pretty close one and not having my FO front sight didn't really affect my last two strings.

Second lesson: Don't leave your repair kit with all of your extra parts and stuff at home. Bring it to the range, especially on a match day.  Luckily, Will (who is shooting his S&W 625 .45 cal revolver in the embedded video) had some extra FO inserts in his bag.  Once I got a new one on the pistol everything was fine.

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