Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Good Day in Columbia

It's nice to report on a well-shot match.  Today I travelled to the Green Valley club just outside of Columbia, MO, to shoot in their monthly USPSA match.  When I was pulling up to the club, after driving for about 2 hours from St. Louis, I got a call from my son that he had just been in a car accident.  Nobody was hurt, but his car was probably totaled.  I started to come back home, but learned that my daughter was at the scene helping him.  So I decided that driving back home would accomplish nothing. I would get home when everything was already over.  Turns out that there were some scary moments for my son after the accident. But that's another story.

I tried to put all that out of my mind while I was shooting.  There was really nothing I could do halfway accross the State to help him.

Turns out I did pretty well on every stage.  I didn't have my typical screw-up on the first stage.  I think that's because I was determined not to have that happen this time.  My times were good on each stage and my accuracy was above average. I only threw a few mikes for the whole match, and one of them was on a stage where we engaged three targets from 23 yards with 6 shots using our weak hand.  I don't believe I've every practiced weak-hand shooting from over 15 yards. Update: results are in and I finished 5th overall and 1st in Production division.

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