Saturday, April 7, 2012

Steel Match Review

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Okay.  How many times do I have to learn this lesson at steel plates matches?  Take it slow and easy on the first stage!  Holy moly.  I owned the last 4 stages of this match.  I don't think I've ever shot that well.  I was in the zone – fast and accurate.  But the first stage was a disaster, at least compared to the rest of the match.  We began with Stage #4. 

The irony is: I slowed down on the next four stages and shot them much faster.  Slowed down just enough to be accurate.  

I really wish I had a video of that first stage so I could analyze it and find out exactly what I did wrong. But I'm pretty sure I know what the problem was because it happens every time I shoot a steel plates match - on the first stage I shoot.  

Turns out I did pretty well in the match over all.  But losing those 4 or 5 seconds on Stage #4 really irks me.

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