Sunday, May 13, 2012

Double Swingers

No, this post is not about sharing wives.  It's about shooting double swingers.  We had a stage this Saturday at our IDPA club match that had two swingers activated at virtually the same time.  Here's a short video of one shooter engaging the two poppers and swingers.

Before shooting a stage a shooter must take the time to go through the course of fire carefully in his mind. Some top shelf shooters have advised mentally running through the stage 30 times before coming to the line.  I'm not sure about that number. It depends on the stage. But for a stage like this it's not only necessary to run through the whole stage thinking about when you will reload and whatnot, it's also crucial that you watch the stage being shot before you come to the line so you can predetermine the way you will engage the poppers and swingers.  You have to decide which popper you will engage first.  And you have to watch the swingers start and swing to determine the order you will shoot them.  You don't want to lose time watching them swing back and forth before you engage them (like the shooter in the video).

When I came to the line on this stage I thought I had that worked out. But I had not watched carefully enough so I ended up losing about a second waiting for the second popper to come back in view. I could use the excuse that I was busy SO-ing the stage just before I stepped up to shoot.  But that's not a good excuse.

This month's match was very challenging. If you look at the scores, you will see a lot of guys with very high scores.  It was a 110-round match, but there were a lot of difficult stages with some long shots. On one stage you had three strings where you put a total of 24 rounds on 3 targets at 20, 25, and 30 yards.  There were a lot of misses on that stage.

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