Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sparta Match - May 26, 2012

My wife was kind enough to let me slip away Saturday morning for a USPSA match in Sparta.  It was especially generous of her because we were hosting my son's high school graduation party at 3 PM.  I had to make sure I could get back in time to help with the finish touches before everyone arrived for the party.  It worked out just fine.

The match went okay.  Nothing great.  A couple of mikes for the whole match. But that's too many by two.  Both of them were easily avoidable.  This is stage #6, one of the least complicated stages of the day.  I'm not sure what I'm doing with my left arm during the strong-hand half of the stage after the reload.   Whatever.

This is the classifier stage. I began with a squirrelly grip, so I didn't smoke it.  I'm just happy I didn't hit a no shoot.  I'm still hovering at 74.9% in Production, just a tenth of a percentage under the threshold of making A class.

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