Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dead Trigger Issues

In my previous post I mentioned that I was having some trouble with my S&W M&P Pro.  I've had this gun for 3 years. I've probably put 8-10K rounds through it, shooting monthly IDPA and USPSA matches, and lots of practice, etc. I've never had any problems whatsoever. Utterly reliable. The only upgrades I've made to the internals of the gun are installing an Apex competition trigger and RAM. I love this trigger.

The past two matches I've had a problem. It typically happens at the reload, either slide lock reload or USPSA-type reload. Insert the new mag.  Slide returns to battery. Round chambers.  But no bang. NO CLICK when I squeeze the trigger. There's no mark on the primer. It's like the sear didn't reset with the last shot or the reload. It's NOT that there is a click and no bang. There's no click. The trigger's not reset.  It's dead.  This happened twice in both matches. Not on every reload. It happened again once after the matches during a practice session. Just once out of 200 rounds or so.

I posted this problem on the Enos forum and got some good advice.  This afternoon I finally got a chance to take the sear housing block out of the gun and look at everything.  It was filthy.  I have only done field strip cleaning on the gun for years.  So I cleaned up every little piece, especially the sear spring and plunger.  There was a lot of gunk in the sear housing.  Before I cleaned it I checked the trigger and reset and it seemed to work "okay."  But after I cleaned it, I noticed the difference right away. The trigger is now crisper and clicky. The reset is noticeably loader and crisper.  I'll take it out this week and  put it through a workout.  But I suspect that the problem is solved.

I should have thought about this before.  I break down my 1911s completely every year to clean them.  I guess I need to start doing that with my M&P.  No problem. It's a lot easier to strip down than a 1911.

UPDATE: I put enough rounds through it last night at the range to be confident that the problem is solved.  It just needed a good, thorough cleaning.  Yay!

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