Monday, June 4, 2012

Illinois State IDPA Championship

This weekend I shot in the Illinois State IDPA Championship at the World Shooting Complex in Sparta, IL. Before analyzing my performance let me just say a few things about the match as a whole.  The match director Jeff Duckworth did a fantastic job organizing and running the match--very well done!  The lunch was fantastic (BBQ pork sandwiches and/or huge beef hotdogs).  The weather was amazing (maybe 75 on Friday and in the mid-80s on Saturday).  The 12 stages were challenging and fun.  And after the last shot on Saturday, when everyone had bagged their guns, Jeff broke out the beer!  What a treat.  Loved it.

Guys from our club (ARPC) did really well.  Tim Barker placed first in ESP Expert division, but unfortunately there wasn't enough Expert shooters in the match for him to get a bump to Master.  Bummer.  He is shooting crazy fast and accurate.  He deserves it.  Ken Rihanek shot well even after the rear sight fell off his CZ on the second stage of the day.  He shot Vince's back up gun (Glock 34) the rest of the match.  Mark Goede should have won an award for the most friendly, helpful, gracious, and competent Saftey Officer for the match.  Mark's our Match director at ARPC and is a Grand Master of promoting IDPA in our area.  Rod Aman won 1st place in SSP Expert division and was bumped to Master!  Steve Filla was not too far behind him (3rd place in SSP Expert).

How did I shoot?  Well, in terms of the final numbers, I was third among the three SSP Masters.

But those numbers don't tell the whole story.  On Stage #6, after my reload in the middle of the stage, I had what was almost a "death jam."  It took me 10-12 seconds (or more) to get the magazine out and the gun unjammed.  That has never happened before with this gun (my M&P Pro 9mm).  I suspect it was the magazine. But I'm not sure.  I ditched that magazine for the rest of the match and had no further problems.  But the point is that if you take those 10-12 seconds off my score, I would have won the SSP division.  Look at the scores of all the other Masters and Experts on Stage #6. All of them are 10-15 seconds better than mine because of my jam.  If I would have just shot an average score on that stage, I would have won.  Oh well.

Two odd observations: First, I smoked the simple stages. I got the high score on Stage #2 and Stage #11.  They were both about quick draws with moving and shooting close targets.  I can be fast with short, close stages.  That's one of my strengths.  More on that in a moment.

Second, I also smoked one of the hardest stages with long range shots (Stage #10).  But there is an error on the final score sheet.  It has an ESP Marksman shooting that stage in 14:54, but that's physically impossible.  This was a stage with a bunch of long range targets peeking out from behind barrels.  If you bracket that error on the score sheet, I had the high score on that stage, too.  I slowed down enough to call my shots and only got 3 points down on that stage.  There's a lesson there for me.  I need to do the same on medium-distance targets (10-15 yards).

Then there was Stage #13 that doesn't show up on the official scores.  It was a side BUG match (BUG = Back Up Gun).  Everyone shot this stage with the same gun, provided by the match.  It was a subcompact Diamondback DB9 9mm. All 100 shooters shot the same 5 targets with this little gun.  My score was 4.02 (3.02 secs with 2 pts down).  I won.  This stage played to my strengths—close targets and fast, "point" shooting. The cool thing is that my prize for winning this side match was a new Diamondback DB9 pistol.  This is the first gun I've won at a match.  How awesome is that?

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  1. Man, can I relate! On stage 4 I inexplicably shot the preacher (the non threat standing out by it's self) at the front of the (church) stage. I just transitioned and broke the shot knowing what I did as the bullet traveled downrange. This one shot dropped me from third (SSP MM)to sixth. Painful lesson learned. I hope.