Thursday, July 12, 2012

Things I need to work on this month

This is the short list:

1. Getting a good consistent grip from my draw. For some reason I've had problems lately.  I have a feeling its because my holster is slipping forward and back a bit. I've got a Comptac paddle holster that tends to move around.  I'm going to put some 3M outdoor tread tape here and there on it to see if I can stop that.  Also, for USPSA I've got a new rig coming: a CR speed belt, 5 new Safariland 773 magazine pouches, and a Blade-Tech dropped and offset holster. That should help.

2. Be more consistent with my dry fire practice. I suspect that this may be one of the reasons I'm having trouble with #1.

3.  Work on transitions between widely separated targets (see the previous post on the last steel match).

4.  Slow down (just a bit) and work on accuracy.  Always a challenge for me.

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