Friday, August 10, 2012

25 & 50 Yards

There's a lot of discussion on the gun forums about the inaccuracy of the S&W M&Ps.  Truth be told, they are not nearly as accurate as a nice 1911 or 2011.  There's no denying that.  But they are not as bad as they are often portrayed.

Yesterday at the range I was able to take some time off from my normal practice drills and shoot some groups with both of my M&Ps. I used two loads - Montana Golds and Berry's HP, both 124gr. 

At 25 yards I got between 2-1/2 and 3-1/2 inch groups of five, with an occasional flyer. But those flyers were probably me. I sat down with my back against a solid table, my legs propped up, and my arms on my legs (actually, between my knees) to shoot these.  I was pretty happy with this. These are better groups than the last time I tried this (about 2 years ago). Maybe the way I shot these was inherently more stable than shooting from a sandbag on a bench.  I've noticed that the M&P doesn't shoot very feel from a bench rest.  

In addition to the 25 yrd groups, I was on a bay that allowed me to go back to 50 yards. I set up two IDPA targets and shot 20 rounds offhand, about 1 sec or so between shots. I took my time.  The result: 9 zeros, 8 ones, 2 threes, and 1 mike. I think the mike was early on as I was figuring out my elevation. I shot 4 test shots and then checked them. They were mostly low. After that, all zeros and ones. I'll take that. I was kind of surprised at how easy it was to get good hits if I took my time.

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