Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Real Match Review

Some friends reviewed my video from the June Sparta Match and offered some excellent critique and suggestions here.  Here I am shooting Stage #4.

Darren Mulford offered some excellent analysis:
Stage 4:  
You basically did a standing reload in the middle of the 3rd array after your 10th shot. You do NOT want to split up an array if you can help it. It interrupts flow and slows you down. I would have reloaded after the 1st two targets because you had more time there (while you came through the door and acquired the second array.You split an array again on your next mag. 
Using your sequence of targets, i would have done this: 
Target 1, target 2, reload.Target 3, target 4, target 5, target 6, reload.Target 7, target 8, target 9, target 10, target 11, reload. Notes: There's 1 round left in the gun and you go into the steel with a full mag.Steel 1, steel 2, steel 3, steel 4, target 12. Done. Notes: Assuming no extra shots you would have had 6 extra shots for this array if needed. In the video you only had 4 extra shots since you split the previous array. 
General notes: 
-Target 1 and 2: Normally I would have started on the right target because as you advance forward you lose sight of the right target before the left. HOWEVER, since the right target was partially blacked out, you did the correct thing by starting on the left wide open target. A lot of shooters, including me, like to start on a wide open target (right out of the holster). Nice job on this. 
* It looks like you took target 1, 2, 3, and 4 on the move. If you got your hits...nice job! Moving while shooting is the biggest thing that advances a shooter in the results...however you have to get your hits.  
* For some reason you hesitated on targets 5 and 6...i think you could have kept moving forward, especially on target 5 when you turned...and having to reload in the middle of the target 5-6 array definitely slowed down your forward progress. 
* I sense some hesitation between indexing onto the target and firing the first shot. This is noticeable to me on targets 7, 8 and 9. If you watch, rewind, watch, rewind, you will see the hesitation. The shot should be going off as soon as you index onto the target. And on the 7-8-9 target array, the targets are all close and the spacing between is pretty much the same so when shooting those targets a good shooter would not have any time difference between the shots and the targets. For example, the whole sequence should sound like 6 shots on one target.... pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop...what you have is: pop, pop.....pop, pop.....pop, pop. 
The biggest problem I saw in stage 4 was splitting the arrays..this greatly slowed down your forward progress.
I can't find anything in this critique to disagree with.  Having more accomplished shooters analyze my shooting has always helped me.

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