Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bench Rest IDPA Match

Time for another match review. This one should be short.  I have no video this time. I just shot the match.  Imagine that?

I haven't shot the monthly Bench Rest IDPA match in about a year.  Ever since Sparta starting holding its monthly USPSA matches on the 3rd Saturday of the month I've been going there.  But this month Sparta had to postpone its match until the 4th Sunday, so I headed up to Bench Rest.

Dave Euson put on a good match. There were about 55 shooters, I think.  6 stages.  106 round count.  The stages were interesting and challenging.  We used the swaying boat dock prop on one stage.  That's always a hoot.  On another one we had to come out of a shower and fold a towel around our waist before grabbing our gun and shooting the targets strong hand.  We had a reload with retention stage.  A stage using the truck. There were swingers, drop turners, poppers, hard cover targets, lots of no shoots, head shots, weak hand shooting, etc.  A good variety and well-done stages.  

I was generally pleased with my performance. I was shooting fast, sometimes a little too fast.  But I was fairly accurate even though I was pushing my speed.  I had a few bumps—one miss and four -3 shots for the whole match.  I'll take that.  I'm not sure I can identify anything to work on other than to dial down my speed a bit on close shots.  I tend to point and shoot very quickly.  Two of my -3 shots were on targets that were about 5 yards away.

I won 4 out of 6 stages and was first in the overall standings.  

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