Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Morning Match Review

I've got a few minutes this morning to review my performance at the ARPC IDPA club match this past Saturday morning.  Here's the video of me shooting all seven stages.  I'm shooting my Smith & Wesson M&P Pro 9mm in SSP (Stock Service Pistol) division.

Stage #1 - Standards

No cover garment.  Hands naturally at your side.  2 shots on each target, then a reload with retention.  2 more shots on each target, another reload with retention, and 2 more shots on target. Best 6 shots scored on each target.

I shot this one well.  Other than faster reloads, I don't see anything I could have improved on this stage. I loosened my belt so I could stow my retained magazines right in front under my belt. That always makes retention reloads faster.  I can do that as long as I'm not required to run with them in my belt.  ;-)

Time: 18.14 secs & 4 points down.  I was #1 on this stage.

Stage #2 - Off Road Attack

Sitting on an ATV.  Pistol at low ready.  Two shots on each target, engaged from near to far.  One steel popper activated two swingers.

Those two swingers were 15 and 20 yards down range.  And what is worse, they did not appear in any consistent order.  It depended on how taunt the lines to the activators were made each time these were reset. So I decided to shoot 2–2–popper–3 in the first swinger–3 in the second swinger–reload–2–2.    Turned out that the farther swinger was slow and I had to wait.  I'm not sure what the deal is with me briefly releasing my support hand.

This was the first stage I shot.  I was already frustrated with it because I needed a reshoot.  The first time I went through it I put 5 rounds on the popper and it didn't fall.  The activating lines were two tight and wouldn't allow the swinger to fall.

Not my best stage.  Time: 10:54 secs & 9 pts down.  I was 4th on this stage.

Stage #3 - Chain me to the Wall

I designed this stage. I got the idea from one of the USPSA Area 3 stages.  Sitting on a chair with your weak hand chained (tied) to a table.  At the signal: stand and engage all targets through the windows with your strong hand only.  The trick here was not to extend so far that you were off balance and had to step back too far for the reload.  You can see Jeff Eisenhart shooting this stage here.

My time was great on this stage, but I had a mike on one of the far targets. That cost me.  Time: 16.35 secs, 12 pts down, and one FTN.  I was 11th on this stage.

Stage #4 - Wrong Handed Reception

There were a lot of options on how to shoot this stage (something not usually seen in IDPA stages).  Basically all the options but one allowed you to get clear shots on all the targets with little or no danger of hitting the non-threats.  The option that I chose insured little movement and a fast time if I could avoid hitting the dangerously placed non-threats.  I did it.  I put 3 rounds on the one long head shot for insurance.  Turned out I didn't need it.  But that NT was extremely close.

I got the top score on this stage: 10.78 secs & 1 pt down.

Stage #5 - Black Jack Blues

Starting position: hands face down on the Black Jack Table. At the signal: draw and engage all the targets from near to far.  I love these kinds of stages.  The only danger here was shooting through the first close target and hitting a non-threat behind it. But if you positioned yourself right at the start this wasn't a problem.  I put 3 shoots on the far two targets for insurance, but also because I didn't want to reload in the middle of engaging the last target.

I won this stage, too.  Time: 10.41 secs & 2 pts down.

Stage #6 - Fighting Reload

You started with 6 rounds in your gun.  All your loaded magazines were on the other side of the stage on the barrel. At the signal you grabbed the baby, drew your pistol, and engaged all 6 targets with one round each while moving.  Once you got to the other side you were at slide lock. So you retrieved a magazine to reload and one to stow.  Then you moved back across the opening engaging each target again freestyle with 2 rounds each while moving.  You could take make-up shots from cover when you reached the other side.

I had a few problems on this one.  I had too many points down on one of the end targets.  I need to move a little slower while shooting stages like this.  Move slower, shoot faster.  Then when I finish engaging the targets I can dash to the end.  And for some reason my second reload failed to strip a round from my magazine.  Oh, and I need to work on handling loose magazines and stowing them.  I fumbled around like a blind man.

Time: 20.53 secs & 9 pts down.  I was 7th on this stage.

Stage #7 - Unexpected Drama

Nothing too difficult here.  Start sitting on a bench. At the signal drop to one knee, draw, and engage the two targets with 3 rounds each.  I smoked this stage.  Time: 3.98 secs & 0 pts down.  I won this stage.

Overall I was pleased with my score.  I was first overall even though I had a few missteps.

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