Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sparta USPSA Match - November 17

This was the last USPSA match at Sparta for the season.  They'll be back on line in March. That's a shame because these are some of the best matches in the St. Louis area.  The Sparta range allows for near 180 degree shooting.  The match directors always do a wonderful job of putting together very challenging, high-round count stages that are just a lot of fun.  Today's match was no different. And the weather was perfect, one of the best days for shooting of the year—55 degrees and sunny.  Can't beat that.

I had a fairly good match.  I made a few mistakes, but overall I was pretty consistent.  On the first array of targets on the first stage of the day I missed as I was pulling away to reload and move to the next shooting position.  Dumb.  I must continue to work on that. I thought I was.  But I did it twice today.  Arrggh!  These were really the only two big mistakes I made.  I could have been a little more accurate, fewer C's and more A's would always be good.  But I was quick and had good stage plans for every stage.

Thankfully, I had no ammo or gun issues the entire match.  My equipment worked flawlessly.  Yay!  The other issue I have to work on is faster reloads.  I had maybe 3 or 4 squirrelly reloads in the match. By "squirrelly" I mean nervous, choppy reloads that took 2 seconds or so.  But I can work on this in dry fire over the winter. This is something I need to get down pat so that I'm not worrying about it at a match.  Definitely.

The classifier was CM88-09, which was a fairly easy classifier for me.  It was essentially an el presidente with 6 targets.  I'm pretty fast on these kinds of stages.  The only problem was I had one of my subpar reloads on this stage.  My score was 7.30 secs and 50 pts with a HF of 6.8493.  For production shooters that's at the high end of the Master classification (84.995%).  That will kick up my classification to A this next month, which is probably a good thing.  I think.

The scores should be out tomorrow.

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