Monday, December 17, 2012

End of Year Match Review

The shooting season is mostly on hold until March. That's not to say I won't be shooting a couple of IDPA matches over the winter.  At ARPC IDPA we will have have our monthly matches in January and February. Some of the other local clubs may also.  But honestly, the ice, snow, and bitter cold sometimes make these events less than enjoyable.  I shoot these matches in the winter just to keep fresh.  I hope there will be warmer days now and then so a few of us can get to the range and practice.  But most of my "shooting time" will be given over to dry fire practice and reloading ammo at home.

So here's where I stand right now in IDPA and USPSA.  Remember, this blog is for me to keep easily accessible records of my progress in these shooting sports.  But I guess it could also be a venue for my shameless self promotion.  Whatever.

The only IDPA classifier I shot in 2012 that changed my standing was in March, where I classified as SSP Master.  I discussed that here and in this post.

My USPSA classification in Production was bumped from B to A Class on December 15th.

I shot one gun this entire year—my Smith & Wesson M&P Pro 9mm. The only exception was at the ARPC Revolver match in March.  Shooting the same gun in IDPA and USPSA helped me enormously.  I didn't have to make adjustments for different grips or triggers or sights or whatever.  I figured that if I was gonna get gooder, I needed to concentrate on one gun.  I think this was a good decision.  So I shot SSP (Stock Service Pistol) all year in IDPA.  And I shot Production all year in USPSA.

I shot 12 IDPA club matches this year.

    January ARPC – 1st SSP2nd Overall
    February Benchrest – First SSP, First Overall (scores are no longer online)

    March ARPC – 1st SSP, 2nd Overall

    March ARPC Revolver Championship – 2nd ESR, 2nd Overall / Video

    May ARPC – 1st SSP, 1st Overall

    August ARPC –  1st SSP, 1st Overall / Video / Analysis

    August Benchrest – 1st SSP, 1st Overall (scores are no longer online) / Analysis

    September ARPC - 1stSSP, 1st Overall

    October ARPC – 1st SSP, 1st Overall / Analysis

    November ARPC BUG Match – 1st Overall / Analysis

    December ARPC – 1st SSP, 1st Overall
        IDPA Postal Match Results

    December Benchrest – First SSP, 1st Overall

I shot in 3 IDPA sanctioned major matches this year.

    Illinois State IDPA Championship at Sparta, IL (June 3) – 3rd place SSP (52 shooters) / Analysis
    Illinois State IDPA Championship BUG Side Match – First Overall (won a DB9 pistol)

    Missouri State IDPA Championship at ARPC (June 10) - SSP Division Champion (74 SSP shooters) / Analysis

    Music City CUP in Dickson, TN – 4th place SSP (56 SSP shooters) / Video

I shot 10 USPSA club matches this year.

    April at Sparta – 2nd Production

    April at Green Vally – 1st Production / Video / Analysis

    May at Sparta – 3rd Production / Vid 1 Vid 2 /  Analysis

    June at Sparta – 1st Production / Video / Analysis

    July at Sparta – 1st Production / Analysis

    September at Sparta – 2nd Production

    Sparta Trophy Match, September 29 – 1st Production / Video / Analysis

    November at Sparta – 1st Production / Analysis

I shot one USPSA Level II match—the Illinois Sectional at PASA park in XX, IL.  This was an awful match for me.  I placed 17th out of 29 production shooters.  I learned some valuable lessons at this, my first major USPSA match.

In March I shot in one "outlaw rules" match

    Monster Match at Benchrest club in Wright City, MO – 1st Production / Video / Analysis

The first half of the year I shot 7 Steel Plates matches at ARPC

    January 7 ARPC Steel - 1st Production, 1st Overall

    January 21 ARPC Steel – 1st Production, 1st Overall (very small turnout cuz it was COLD)

    March 3 ARPC Steel – 1st Production, 1st Overall

    March 17 ARPC Steel – 1st Production, 6th Overall / Analysis 1 / Analysis 2

    April 7 ARPC Steel – 1st Production, 3rd Overall

    May 5 ARPC Steel – 1st Production, 2nd Overall

    July 2 ARPC Steel – 1st Production, 2nd Overall

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