Saturday, December 8, 2012

Monthly ARPC IDPA Match

I haven't been posting much lately because I've just been grinding away at practice.  I know my weaknesses and what I need to improve on.  Now I just need to train in such a way that I can correct these weaknesses.

We had great weather to shoot our local club match today—about 50 degrees, overcast, with no wind.  Pretty amazing for a December match.  4 of the 7 stages consisted of the annual IDPA Postal Match.  They were very simple stages for the most part.  I know that IDA HQs has to design stages that everyone in the country can use, so they tend to be pretty "narrow" stages.  Shoot straight with only minimal movement.  That's fine.  They tend to favor those that have speedy splits and transitions.  One of the stages ("Cup" Standards) was pretty squirrelly for an IDPA stage.  IDPA stages very seldom have you transition to weak hand shooting in the middle of a string.  This one did.  It reminded me of a USPSA classifier stage. This is the only stage that I really screwed up on.  I got two misses shooting the weak hand portion.  Rats.

Once again, I was less than satisfied with my reloads.  Practice, practice, practice.

The results are now posted.  I see that I had too many points down.  Speed rules, but I need to continue to improve my accuracy.

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