Monday, January 14, 2013

ARPC IDPA Match Review - January 12, 2013

The first match of the year for me wasn't a good one.  Nope.

The weather was great—50 degrees, perfect for shooting.  We had six relatively short, fast stages to shoot.

I got there early to help supervise the setup, but had to leave by 9 AM in order to get to a memorial service for a dear member of my congregation.  This meant that I had to "play through" and shoot all the stages in about 1/2 hour or so.  This is never a good way to shoot a match.  Not enough time to think through a stage plan and run through it in your mind before shooting.  I walked from one stage to another and shot with virtually no time to rest or think about the stage.

But the first stage ruined it for me.  It was a "super" El Presidente stage (Stage #2).  I typically nail these El Prez stages.  But I was the first to shoot it and I made a huge mental error.  I got up to the line and at the "load and make ready" command I checked my equipment, my magazines, inserted a magazine, but forgot to chamber a round. Buzzer goes off and I spun around and click, no bang.

Why did that happen?  I think I have an answer.  Besides being rushed, there's another reason (excuse). I've been dry-fire practicing hard for two weeks or so.  And when I've been dry firing this past week I've been mostly practicing reloads.  And I haven't usually been chambering my dummy rounds when I'm doing these reloads drills.  Idiot, me.  Lesson learned.

In addition to this, my M&P was not fixed as I thought it was and I am pissed.  As I said in a recent post, I recently I got new sear housing blocks for both guns and reinstalled everything with a new firmer sear spring.  This was supposed to correct my dead trigger issues, supposedly caused by sear bounce during reloads.

Well, 4 of the 7 reloads I did at the match on Saturday ended with a dead trigger. I had to recharge the gun, loosing a round and adding about 2 more seconds on each stage.  The only bright spot in this match was my performance on Stage #1 and #3 (the only two stages that I didn't get a dead trigger after my reload; and I'm not counting the cluster on Stage #2).

I was on the phone with Apex Tactical today and I will be sending them my pistols to fix. They were very helpful. Hopefully, I can get them in the mail in a day or so.

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