Sunday, January 20, 2013

Steel Match Review – January 19, 2013

I intended to shoot the Benchrest IDPA match this past Saturday, but I had an unexpected house guest and couldn't get away early enough to make it all the way up to Wright City in time.  So I scooted on down to ARPC for the steel plates match.

Not everyone likes shooting steel plates.  I do.  It's great practice for live-fire drawing and also for working on your transitions.  Shooting five strings on five stages gives you twenty-five times to draw on the buzzer.  Can't beat that.  And moving the gun from plate to plate quickly while shooting accurate shots is great practice.

This time I worked on making sure I was being deliberate on the first few strings of each stage.  Not necessarily slow, but deliberate.  Then I increased my speed for a string or two to see how far I could push it.  This seemed to work for me.

I believe I'm getting the hang of "indexing" my shots on steel stages depending on the distance and size of the steel plates.  This takes some practice.  It has to do with "stage planning" in a way. There's nothing as complex as the planning involved in a USPSA stage.  But before you get up to the line you still need to walk through the sequence of plates in your mind focusing on the cadence of your shoots.

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