Monday, February 11, 2013

Match Review – ARPC IDPA, Feb. 9

I'm something of an instinctual shooter. I'm not sure what I mean by that. But I've been shooting for 30 years and have a "feel" for it. And I've been shooting enough in competition to know that it's really not helpful at all to be thinking too much when you shoot. When I think about everything too much, I don't do very well. I'm referring to shooting technique, not so much to stage analysis and planning. The past two weeks I've been reading a lot of shooting stuff in my spare time (look at my last post on this blog). And so when I shot the match on Saturday my mind was buzzing with all sorts of tips and advice from these books. Not good.

 So what about the match?  First the bad:

 – My M&P is still acting up on me. Arrggghhh. On three stages I had a FTF on my reload. Maybe I really am inadvertently hitting the slide release before the mag is seated. Whatever it is, I've got to fix it. This probably costs me at least 6 seconds (meaning 1st place).

 – I had some trouble with trigger freeze on close targets. It was cold, but I'm not sure that explains it. I normally can shoot close, hoser targets easily with .18 splits. I just wasn't pulling the trigger efficiently. Time for some Bill Drills.

 – I started a reload with retention before I was behind cover. That cost me a procedural, adding 3 points to my score. Sometimes IDPA rules really torque me.

 The good:

 – I had no misses at all. Yay!

 – My hit factor for the entire match was good (second best).

 – My speed was acceptable (even with the trigger freezes and the funky reloads).

 – I enjoyed the match! It's nice to have a bunch of shooters that are now all competing for the top spot. Guys are getting better and that just makes for a fun match.

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