Friday, March 22, 2013

March 16 Sparta USPSA Match Review

Just a few comments on the first USPSA match of the season at Sparta, IL.  I haven't shot a USPSA match in 4 months.  The matches at ARPC are on Sundays, which are obviously out for me.

I thought I did pretty well, but came away with some things to work on.

- work on smooth, fast reloads when moving from a position
- work on shooting steel from awkward positions
- keep working on stage analysis and efficient stage plans

The last stage we shot (#1) was a somewhat complicated arrangement that required a good, memorized plan.  I thought I did okay, but scored a mike on a paper target in the middle of the stage.  Turns out that I didn't really miss it.  A couple of friends watching saw that I just didn't engage it a second time.  There were a series of steel, paper, steel, paper, etc. targets.  I just forgot to put two on one of the paper targets.  That's actually good news.  It was a mental mistaken, not an accuracy problem.

Overall, my speed was good and my accuracy was okay.  Always work on accuracy!

For the records, here's the data:

Production Overall
Stage Details

And my friend Ken's helpful analysis.

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