Sunday, April 21, 2013

Match Review – Sparta USPSA, April 20, 2013

I haven't done much live-fire shooting since the last Sparta match in March.  Here's a quick review of yesterday at Sparta.  Besides a few dumb mistakes, this was a good match.  For some reason I seem to have developed an allergy to steel poppers.  I missed far too many of them on the first shot in this match.  Stage #1 was the worst.  My time was awful on that stage, mostly because I missed so much steel.

My accuracy was just okay.  But besides blowing by a target on one stage, I only had one mike. But I'm not surprised at that one.  It was on the classifier (CM 09-03).  I got a hit on a no shoot and scored a miss.  I was pushing myself on that one.  I was either going to ace it or tank big time.  I tanked.  It won't count against me.

Here are a few vids from the match.  The first one is Stage #3.

I watch myself shoot and think: wow, I'm too slow.  I need to move faster between positions.  Also, I think my reloads were a bit sluggish.  I need to be snappier.  They got my score wrong on this stage.  It's like picking up a monopoly card that says, "A bank error in your favor."  I blew by a target that was hidden behind the blue & black barrel stack.  I should have had 30 penalty points added (2 mikes and a FTE).  Besides that, it was a good run.  Sigh.

This is Stage #4.

I did gooder on this stage.  But I still wonder if my stage plan was the best.  And looking at my engagement of the steel plate rack makes my cringe.  Surely I can shoot them faster than that.

The overal results for Production division are here.  The unofficial combined results for all divisions here.


  1. Based on this comment from you. "I haven't done much live-fire shooting since the last Sparta match in March."

    Jeff, I think the self review would be better if you quantified and didn't use "much". "much" means different things to different shooters. In the context of shooting practice, what "much" meant to me 2 years ago is different from what "much" means to me now. Something like "I've only been out to live fire twice since the last Sparta match".

  2. Good point, Ken. But I think in this case "not much" meant "only once." But you are right that relative to two or three years ago, "much" now means something different for me too.