Saturday, May 25, 2013

Chrono & 50-yard shots

Went to the range for less than 30 minutes this morning.  I needed to chrono some rounds before I made  hundreds and hundreds of rounds with this formula for upcoming matches.  I only took about 35 rounds or so.  After I finished chrono-ing, I loaded two magazines with 11 each, set up a metric USPSA target, and walked off 50 yards.  I shot the first magazine at a rate of about 1 shot per second, maybe a little faster.  All 11 shots on target (5 As, 5 Cs, and 1 D).   They were all just a bit high.  Tried again.  11 shots at about the same speed.  All on target again (4 As, 6 Cs, and 1 D).  The holes were more centered this time. I'm happy with this.  If I can hit As and Cs from 50 yards with my not-super-accurate M&P Pro, that's cool.

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