Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Magazine Holders

I've got some new magazine holders for my USPSA production set up.  They are awesome!  I sold my Safariland 773s and got these DAA Race Master Master Magazine pouches.  They are pricey, but worth it.

What's cool about these is how easily they draw.  Most mag pouches are designed to hold the magazines from the sides.  This one holds it in the rear with a long flat insert that is spring mounted.  The magazines slide out like butter when you grab it.  But it doesn't fall out when you run, jump, or do summersaults and cartwheels. Seriously.

I've been dry fire practicing with these for about a week and I love them.  We'll see how they work in the next match I shoot, which may just be AREA 5 in June.

I liked them so much I've ordered a pair of the plastic DAA Racer holders for my IDPA set up.  They use the same system.  I did have to use the modified spacer so that my M&P mags would fit.  HT to Ken for introducing me to these babies.

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