Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sparta Match Review (May 18, 2013)

Time for another brief match review.  I shot a 7-stage club match on Saturday in Sparta, IL.  There were 5 classifier stages and 2 larger field stages.  I designed one of the field stages.  The other one was a modification of a stage at the up-coming Ohio State Sectional.

I decided not to shoot Production for this match, but rather to shoot my normal production gear but in the Limited 10 division (minor PF).  There was really only one reason for that.  I didn't want to get bumped to M class shooting the 5 classifier stages.  Right now I'm on the cusp at about 83.9% in A class.  All I need is a high score on a classifier to push me over into M.  So what?  Well, I'm not ready to shoot at the level.  Cleaning up classifiers is one thing; shooting well on complicated field courses is something else.  I'm pretty good at short, quick classifier stages.  But I'm not even shooting up to my A class percentage in most matches.  When I start winning or coming close to winning against A & M class Production shooters, then I'll be ready.  I'm not trying to be a sandbagger.  I'm just being realistic.

I've never shot a Limited 10 classifier.  So how did I do?  I crashed and burned on the first classifier stage, but the others I shot fairly well.  Since these are my first classifiers in Limited 10 my initial classification will be A class (78%).  Turns out that if I would have shot this in Production, I would indeed have pushed my classification to M.  I got 93.68% on 3-V (CM 03-04).

Other than that, just a few observations for the record:
- No gun problems at all (yea!).
- Standing reloads (on classifier stages) were good
- Hit the steel nicely this match (except for one that didn't fall).
- I had a couple of hiccups reloading on the move.  I need to work on that.
- Accuracy was better this match (except for my first classifier stage where I was pushing                  my speed way too much).
- I watch myself on the videos and again I think: I'm too slow. I need to work on darting from one position to another.  Move faster, you old man!
Here are the official results.  And here are the combined results.

Here's a video of me shooting Stage #6 (my design)

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