Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Good Match for Me - August 2013 ARPC IDPA

I haven't been posting much of anything because all I've been doing lately is practicing regularly--dry fire every day or so and live fire twice a week.  I haven't shot a match since the June Area 5 championship.  I've been out of town or otherwise unable to attend any.

Yesterday I shot the ARPC IDPA monthly club match.  I was the match director for the day, so I got to pick the stages and oversee the match as a whole.  Sometimes that makes for an unproductive shooting experience because of the distraction, but not yesterday.  I spent 6:30-8:30 setting up stages and running around making sure things were on schedule.  I was soaking wet from sweat by the time the match actually started.  But it didn't seem to hurt my performance.  I shot well.

First, what I did right.  Well, I deliberately slowed down enough to get about 96% of the points.  I was 20 points down for the whole match.  I didn't have a single -3 (D) on a target.  I did have one mike on a fast drop-turner.  But my excuse is going to be that it was the second target I engaged on my first stage of the match.  After that, it was smooth sailing.  I slowed down enough to get my hits and still came out with a fast raw time.

We had a standards stage with 30-yard prone shots and I aced it.  I believe that the bullets I am now using (Berry's 124gr RN) are much more accurate than the ones I used last year (Berry's 124 HP).  Anyway, this confirms to me that if I am having accuracy problems, it's not the gun but me.

The only screw up I had was on Stage #5 (the one I designed!).  It was a pick-up start with an empty gun and mags on the table.  At the signal I stowed a magazine, loaded a magazine in my gun, and forgot to chamber a round.  Put my sights on target.  Pulled the trigger.  Click.  Duh.  That cost me a couple of seconds on the stage.  That was the only stage I didn't ace.

Here are all six stages.  The full results can be found here.  And this is Ken R's USPSA-style analysis.