Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday Morning Match Review – Illinois Sectional USPSA Championship

I shot the 10 stages of the Illinois Sectional all day Saturday, August 31st.  The heat was brutal.  It was near 100 degrees almost all day.  I drank three 32 oz bottles of Gatorade and at least that much water on top of it.  It was crazy hot.  I'm gonna blame the problems I had in the match on the heat.  Yep, it was the heat.

First the good stuff.  I had absolutely no ammo or gun problems.  Very cool.

I was pleased with all of my stage plans.  I shot with 1 GM (Alex Gutt) and 2 M class production shooters, and we all used pretty much the same plan.  Only once did I alter my plan after seeing how Alex Gutt shot the stage.

I was also fairly pleased (but not satisfied, of course) with my times.  I went into the match planning not to push myself but concentrate on shooting at a comfortable pace.  It turns out that I put up some decent times.  Having relatively fast times made up for some of my accuracy issues, especially the mikes.

I cleaned the plate rack stage.  Yay!  I was worried because my practice on plate racks the week before was pitiful.  But the rack was only 9 yards away.

I did well on all the hoser stages.

My rounds chronographed at 127PF.  Close.  I'm always cutting it close.

What to work on?  Swingers.  Dang, friggin swingers.  Three of my mikes were connected with swingers.  Two misses on the swingers themselves and one on a target engaged in between the activator and the swinger.  I believe I just need to work on aiming on these swingers and not just throwing 2 rounds at them fast and hope they hit in the A or C zone.  I must say, too, that my first two mikes were on the first two stages I shot.  And on both of them I had to do a reshoot because of prop failures.  Reshoots are seldom good.  And they weren't for me on these two stages.  The other mike was just stupid.  I went to slide lock (the only time in the match) because I missed a steel plate. I cursed, reloaded, and slung two shots at the last 15-yard target too quickly and pulled one.  I was pissed.  I was more pissed after they scored the miss.  Stupid.

Also, my reloads look slow on the video.  I didn't flub any reloads.  But they don't seem to be snappy enough.

The bottom line for me is that even though I was frustrated with some aspects of my shooting, I shot better than I have at any major USPSA match.  This was only my 3rd major USPSA match.  If I look at those three matches I can see real progress, and I'm happy with that.  I placed 7th in Production (out of 38 shooters), first in A class, and I also beat (just barely) the two M class production shooters in my squad.  I'll take what I can get.

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