Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Morning Match Review – 2013 USPSA Production Nationals

There are many reasons I'd just rather not even think about this match again.  I had pretty high hopes for myself—like an A Class win.  But those hopes were not realized.  I was very disappointed with my performance, mostly because I made mistakes that I thought I had corrected many months ago.  Like zits on a teenager, they resurfaced at just the wrong time.  Here are my stream-of-consciousness thoughts about the match.

• The USSA range was super cool.  Loved the facilities.  Bought some cool hoodies and shirts.  Even though it rained the second day, there was grass on the field courses.  Wherever the grass wore away between the fault lines, they put down some meaty sawdust that helped with the footing.  You can see drone-flyover video of the USAA facilities here.

• My squad (#6) shot six stages in the morning on Thursday, six stages in the afternoon on Friday, and six stages in the morning on Saturday.  That turned out to be the worst possible schedule.  Thursday was great weather—sunny and 60 degrees.  No problem. I shot the first six stages okay with no major problems.  Friday afternoon was raining and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees.  Not good.  When we started on Saturday at 7:45 AM the temperature was 32 degrees with frost on the ground.  By the time we finished it was in the mid-40s. The weather just got me PO-ed on Friday.  It didn't help my mental game.

• I placed 123rd out of 295 production shooters and 29th of 53 in A class.  So right in the middle of A class.  Big whoop.