Sunday, December 22, 2013


This is an obligatory post for December.  Hey, I actually went out the range this past week.  So here's the deal.

I shot 124gr 9mm bullets all this year, last year too.  But I got a couple of boxes of 147gr bullets and loaded them up recently (same PF) to try them during the lull in shooting here in December.  So I went out to the range on Thursday (55 degree weather) with 300 rounds and shot Bill and Blake drills mostly. 
Shooting the Bill drill with 124gr bullets I normally hover around 2 secs at 7 yards with .17 splits and a draw that is just above 1 second.  
Shooting 147gr bullets today I could not get below 2.25.  My draw was the same but my splits were just barely sub .20, if that.  I shot about 6 or more strings like this.  And it was worse at 3 yards.
It seems to me like I was "waiting" for my gun to cycle with the 147gr bullets.
Two years ago I switched from 124 to 147gr because I liked the snappier feel of the 124s.  I wanted to test that impression after shooting with 124s for a couple of years.  I confirmed it.  It may just be that my gun (M&P Pro) doesn't cycle as fast with the heavier bullets.  
Unfortunately, it's something of a trade off.  The 147gr bullets are slightly more accurate at greater distances (25-50 yds) in my gun.  But not enough to make me switch back.

And that's my amazing, inspiring post for December.  Stupid cold weather!

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