Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Morning Match Review - March ARPC IDPA Club Match

Last month the match wasn't worth talking about.  Our monthly match on February 8th was very cold.  I think it was 15-20 degrees in the morning when we were shooting.  And we were standing on a couple of inches of ice and snow, so there wasn't a lot of movement.  Every time I took my hands out of my pockets to load or shoot, my fingers were hurting bad.  It's really no fun shooting in conditions like that.  And it's probably not really very productive for practice.

This Saturday (March 8th) we had better weather.  It was still cold, hovering around freezing.  But it wasn't as bad as February.  We had 6 really good, challenging stages so the match was fun.  Lessons learned?  First, I pulled a mike on the only swinger in the match.  I continue to be frustrated by stupid swingers.  I need to work on them a lot more before the real competition begins with major matches.

Second, I think all my dry-fire practice over the winter paid off, mainly with draw times and transition times.

Third, as for stupid mistakes, I dropped a partially full magazine on one stage while moving from one position to another.  I had to stop and retrieve it.  I don't think I lost 3 seconds doing so.  Sometimes I go into USPSA mode in IDPA matches.  I'm not sure there's a great deal I can do to fix that.  It's unconscious.  I'd be more concerned if I accidentally went in the IDPA mode at USPSA matches.

The results of the match can be found here.  No pictures or videos this time.

And here's Ken's USPSA-style analysis of the match.

I don't like 94.5% accuracy at all.

This coming Saturday is the first USPSA match for me in Sparta, IL.  I'm looking forward to the USPSA season!

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