Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Striker Test

A friend recommended an interesting way to test the relative power of strikers.  Unload your gun, of course.  No live ammo around.  Cock your unloaded pistol, point the pistol straight up, and insert a pencil in the barrel with the eraser side down.  Pull the trigger and watch the pencil move.

I did this with both of my M&Ps and the pencil only moved about an inch.  The pencil never even came close to leaving the barrel.

When I tried this with my STI Sentry (45) the pencil launched from the barrel and almost stuck in the drop ceiling in my basement.

No wonder I get light primer strikes in my M&P when I use hard primers like Remingtons, CCIs, or Magtechs.

1 comment:

  1. Part of the problem with such lighter trigger pulls. If I remember correctly, the lighter the hammer spring, the lighter the trigger pull. Since we are trying to get those triggers down to the 2#-3# range, we need to maintain balance between trigger pull and light hammer strikes.

    My CZs never light strike... just saying. :)