Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Match Review – 2014 USPSA Area 5 Championship

This was my second Area 5 match. Last year when I shot this match it was only my 2nd major USPSA match. I don't have that many more major matches under my belt now, but I've had enough not to be trembling like a leaf in the wind on the first stage of A5.

The word for me in preparation for this match was "control." Not speed. Not just accuracy. Control. I think I achieved my goal. It was a controlled match. I wasn't out-of-control fast like I sometimes am. In fact, I was a bit too slow this time. But, hey, I can speed up now that I know I can shoot a big match like this without a mike on every other stage.

 Last year I was 30th overall in production (out of 95 shooters). This year I was 18th out of 83.

I screwed up two stages; both of them had to do with hitting steel poppers. There were a ton of poppers in this match. And 25% of the metric targets were covered to some degree with no-shoots. Lot's of risky shots in this match. And like every match that Ray Hirst designs there were tons of hidden targets. I saw a lot of shooters blow by targets without even realizing what they did.

I have two videos. Both of them are from stages that I didn't do very well on.  Sigh.

Here's the matchbook.

Here are the combined results.

Oh, one more little thing.  A little thing that can become a big thing.  On two separate stages my foot slid over the fault line and I had to take the time to step back within the bounds of the shooting area.  After the second incident I figured out what happened.  In both cases rocks had piled up next to and over the wood that marked the fault line.  So when I ran up to the edge and put my foot down, expecting my shoe to encounter the fault-line board and stop, instead my shoe slid right over the board because of the rocks.  After that I started clearing away the rocks at my anticipated shooting position on every stage before the start signal.

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Month of May

It's been a while since I posted anything.  I've just been busy with all sorts of real-life matters—work, family, etc.—the stuff that always seems to get in the way of shooting.  Sigh.  So here's a summary of what has happened since the middle of April.

After my class with Ben Stoeger, April 12-13, I immediately switched from Production to Single Stack.  My dry- and live-fire practice was dedicated to preparing for the SS Nationals on May 1st.  I actually enjoyed the change.  And I rediscovered my appreciation for my STI Sentry.  It's very accurate and reliable.  I had no troubles with it at the two matches I shot—a club match at Sparta and the Single Stack Nationals match at PASA park.  I didn't do that well at the Nationals match, but I will definitely be back next year.  My rounds didn't make major power factor at the chronograph stage. My PF was 164.9, so I got bumped to minor scoring.  That didn't help.

In May I helped run the MO State IDPA Championship at ARPC.  Shooting this match is always a challenge because the Match Directors and Safety Officers shoot on Friday morning and run through all the stages rather quickly—10 stages in less that 3 hours.  It's not always easy to keep your head in the game when things are moving that quickly.  I was doing okay throughout most of the morning until my second-to-last stage (Stage #2).  I had a rare death jam in my M&P after inserting my reload magazine.  It took me at least 30 seconds to clear that malfunction.  That cost me the match.  Even without that problem I honestly don't think I would have beat Stephen Lutmann in SSP.  I just wasn't shooting that well.  But I would have come a lot closer without that jam.